Take your music anywhere with the new ZEBRONIC trolley DJ speaker “Metal Pro” . It’s a stylish trolley speaker with retractable handle on top and caster wheels for easy movement. The powerful drivers in the speaker give crisp and loud audio with thundering bass. Metal Trolley speaker comes with a full-range 38.1cm driver along with a 2.54cm horn tweeter that delivers powerful music with thumping bass. It also has individual controls for volume, Bass, treble, mic vole, mic echo, mic bass/treble, mic delay control, mic reverb control and guitar adjustment. Sing along to your favorite songs as the trolley speaker comes with dual UHF wireless mics and karaoke. Additionally you can connect dual wired mic as well as the speaker comes with two wired mic inputs. The trolley DJ speaker also comes with two guitar inputs, so you can connect and play your guitar music outdoors or at events. The speaker comes with a recording function, so you can record audio from the mic.



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