About this item Power of Solar: Solar Hunk features high-performance mono-crystalline silicon solar panel to harness this abundantly available source of solar energy and use it to charge the speaker. Enjoy your hikes, pool party or barbeques without having to look for a power outlet, ever. Duo Charge – Through Solar Energy or Power outlet: Discover the convenience and flexibility of duo charge. When in sunlight, the speaker will be charging and getting the power it needs to play. And when the sun sets or you move indoors, you can simply connect it to a power outlet and keep your tunes going all day, all night, and then some more. Ultra-cool audio with scorching bass: Turn up the heat with incredible sound from Solar Hunk. Crisp, powerful sound is complemented by rich bass for a dazzling listening experience. Also, features in-built calls for clear calls. Music on Demand: Switch between playlists and enjoy music streaming from Bluetooth | FM Radio | MicroSD | USB | AUX. Rugged & Reliable: Solar Hunk is the ultimate outdoor speaker with a tough exterior – An absolute beast built to resist indoor tear and wear plus, withstand all the knocks and scuffs from outdoor activities. Additionally, comes with 2 options of illuminating torchlight where you can flashlight with either lower intensity or higher intensity with better visibility coverage. Flash it when you need it even in case emergency!


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