Introducing the


FINGERS SoloKaraoke Speaker


– The Cutest Sound Companion for your musical adventures!
Dive into the world of music with FINGERS SoloKaraoke, a speaker and mic duo that effortlessly transitions from cozy home melodies to the heart-pounding beats of a vibrant party. Prepare to be captivated by its exceptional sound wrapped in a compact design that will leave you amazed.
And here’s the icing on the cake – A wireless mic bundled with features that will set your vocals free, whether you’re singing solo, serenading loved ones, or just letting loose with friends.
Moreover, true to our tagline of “Never Aloneā€, SoloKaraoke empowers you to sing and revel in music even in solitude. Whether you’re honing your singing skills, practising your favourite tunes or releasing your emotions within your personal space, SoloKaraoke ensures you’re never truly alone.


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